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Gail Taylor's fiction has appeared in literary journals in Canada, the USA, Turkey, The Republic of Ireland and the UK. She also has published non-fiction and poetry. She's been a two-time finalist in the Random House of Canada Creative Writing Student Contest (2009, 2012) and a winner in 2007.


            "Tornado and Other Seasons" is her first book. The centrefold story in the book entitled, "A Good Belief is Hard to Find," was a winner in 2007 in the Random House Creative Writing Student Contest. The final piece in the book, "Puzzles,"was short listed for that award in 2009.

            A brand new story, "Spin Cycle, Rinse Cycle," was a finalist this past year.

            For the USA launch of the book, "Tornado and Other Seasons," Punkin House Press published an interview with Gail about her background and her writing process, available at author Interview. 



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