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       Have you lived the horror of losing a small child at a fair? 



      Have you survived a hurricane or a tornado? 



      Picked up a hitchiker who turned out to be different than he first appeared? 

      Ever joined a night class where the students are packing weapons?

      Do you sometimes have conversations with a loved one who is dead?

     These things happen in the book, "Tornado and Other Seasons," by Gail E Taylor, a collection of short stories of literary fiction, a 129-page trade paperback published by Punkin House Press.

       Cast in North American landscapes from the midwest prairies and Illinois to Quebec, as well as City Anysize, Anywhere, and published by Punkin House Press, these are six stories of dysfunctional people, bad weather and bad moods. They are also tales of triumph, love and rescue.


       The first story, "Tornado," captures the terror of living through a tornado while maintaining composure. "Caravan" views the sophistication of Montreal through the prism of Essex County's mixed crop farming. "The Turning" echoes anther farmland theme during a highway ride on a midsummer's day in Illinois. "A Good Belief is Hard to Find" resonates with the echoes of Flannery O'Connor, while "Night Class" is an Agatha Christy-esque tale of who's-gonna-do-it. "Puzzles" is a bit of magic realism wrapped in a poignant love story. 


       Endorsers have referred to the pieces as intriguing, compassionate, surprising, textured and memorable. Two stories figured in the Random House of Canada Student Award Contest:  "A Good  Belief is Hard to Find" was a winner in 2007, and the story, "Puzzles," was short-listed for Random House Award in 2009.

     NOTE:  The literary journal, The Prick of the Spindle, published a critical review of "Tornado and Other Seasons."  See the review by Sarah Rae at: 

    The prick of the Spindle.

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Photography by Alex Taylor



A Collection of Short Stories


Gail E Taylor

Published by Punkin House Press, 2011

ISBN:  978 - 093239000

perfect bound.  129 pp.  $15.95

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